Prometheus Operator Rejected Resources

PrometheusOperatorRejectedResources #

Meaning #

Custom Resources managed by Prometheus Operator were rejected and not propagated to operands (prometheus, alertmanager).

Impact #

Custom Resource won’t be used by prometheus-operator and thus configuration it carries won’t be translated to prometheus or alertmanager configuration.

Diagnosis #

  • Check newly created Custom Resources like Prometheus, Alertmanager, Rules, Probes, ServiceMonitors, and others that have a CRD used by Prometheus Operator.
  • Check logs of Prometheus Operator pod.

Mitigation #

Fix newly created Custom Resource to conform to the schema defined in a CRD and reapply it to the cluster.

Consider using a tool like kubeconform to validate newly created resources. You can check kube-prometheus integration of such a tool in the CI pipeline.