Kube Node Not Ready

KubeNodeNotReady #

Meaning #

KubeNodeNotReady alert is fired when a Kubernetes node is not in Ready state for a certain period. In this case, the node is not able to host any new pods as described [here][KubeNode].

Impact #

The performance of the cluster deployments is affected, depending on the overall workload and the type of the node.

Diagnosis #

The notification details should list the node that’s not ready. For Example:

 - alertname = KubeNodeNotReady
 - node = node1.example.com

Login to the cluster. Check the status of that node:

$ kubectl get node $NODE -o yaml

The output should describe why the node isn’t ready (e.g.: timeouts reaching the API or kubelet).

Mitigation #

Once, the problem was resolved that prevented node from being replaced, the instance should be terminated.

See KubeNode See node problem detector