Kube StatefulSet Update Not RolledOut

KubeStatefulSetUpdateNotRolledOut #

Meaning #

StatefulSet update has not been rolled out.

Impact #

Service degradation or unavailability.

Diagnosis #

  • Check statefulset via kubectl -n $NAMESPACE describe statefulset $NAME.
  • Check if statefuls update was not paused manually (see status)
  • Check how many replicas are there declared.
  • Check the status of the pods which belong to the replica sets under the statefulset.
  • Check pod template parameters such as:
    • pod priority - maybe it was evicted by other more importand pods
    • resources - maybe it tries to use unavailabe resource, such as GPU but there is limited number of nodes with GPU
    • affinity rules - maybe due to affinities and not enough nodes it is not possible to schedule pods
    • pod termination grace period - if too long then pods may be for too long in terminating state
  • Check if there are issues with attaching disks to statefulset - for example disk was in Zone A, but pod is scheduled in Zone B.
  • Check if Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) is not triggered due to untested values (requests values).
  • Check if cluster-autoscaler is able to create new nodes - see its logs or cluster-autoscaler status configmap.

Mitigation #


See Debugging Pods